What is Collaboration Space?

Collaboration Space is where people gather to get creative with DIY projects, invent new ones, and share ideas. It offers resources like 3D printers, software, electronics, craft and hardware supplies and more.

What time is the Collaboration Space open?

Collaboration Space is open between 08:30-17:00 on work days, except holidays where Information Center is also closed.

Where is the Collaboration Space?

Collaboration Space is located on the first floor of the Information Center.

Who can use Collaboration Space?

All the Sabanci University members can use the Collaboration Space. Yes, this includes alumni and retires.

How do people access to Collaboration Space?

You just walk in and start your project. That’s it. Although we do have a workshop which has a restricted access. You need to get the proper training before you can access to the workshop.

I’m not form FENS; may I use the Collaboration Space?

YES! Collaboration Space has no entry restrictions for their users. We especially encourage users with different backgrounds!

Do I have to pay to use Collaboration Space?

No, everything in the Collaboration Space is free to use to its users.

Who should I contact with a question that’s not answered above?

You can send an email to cospace@sabanciuniv.edu.

Which equipment/tools/software are available in the Collaboration Space?

Just click to the “equipment” tab on top of the site.

May I work on personal projects in the Collaboration Space?