Terms of use

  • Sabancı University members are natural members of the Collaboration Space.
  • SU retired and SU alumni can use the Collaboration Space by making a reservation in advance.
  • All users shall be obliged to comply with the copyright laws.
  • All users shall leave the area clean and neat before they leave the Collaboration Space.
  • It is strictly forbidden to create any infringing object relating to a patent, trademark or other proprietary
  • The creation of obscene or inappropriate material which is not in the scope of any project is prohibited. 
  • The responsibility for the material and the files that are forgotten or left in the Collaboration Space
    belongs to the user.
  • The users shall come to terms with the responsibility in the case of that they damage the vehicles and
    the equipment arising from intentional or improper use.
  • The users should respect the employees and the other users all the time.
  • The computers in the Collaboration Space shall be only used for purpose of their work there.
  • No responsibility is assumed when a project is destroyed, deleted from the computer, and not printed
  • The users shall agree to prevent the material and/or materials from being wasted.
  • The users shall be responsible for the possible damage to the tools and the materials in the
    Collaboration Space.
  • The users must store the digital content(s) that is/are created on the computers in the Collaboration
    Space into their digital storages. 
  • The seminar room in the Collaboration Space can be used with only a reservation.
  • In case of that there are any problems with the equipment or devices used, the users need to seek the
    advice of the Collaboration Space Services Officer/Consultant.
  • The hardware and software of the Collaboration Space computers are under the management of the
    Collaboration Space Services Officer.
  • The users may request updates to new versions of software; but they cannot update them without permission.
  • The equipment and the devices belonged to the Collaboration Space cannot be moved to outside
    thereof without permission.

Safety Rules

  • Always keep your working area tidy. 
    1. Disorder in the working area can lead to accidents.
  • Take account of surrounding influences.
    1. Do not expose tools to the rain.
    2. Do not use tools in damp or wet surroundings. 
    3. Ensure that the lighting is good.
    4. Do not use power tools in fire or explosion hazard.
  • Protect yourself from electric shocks. 
    1. Avoid body parts from coming into contact with earthed parts.
  • Keep unused tools in a safe place. 
    1. Unused equipment should be kept in a dry, closed location out of the reach of children.
  • Do not overload your tool.
    1. You will be able to work better and safer within the given power range.
  • Always use the correct tool.
    1. Do not use low power machines for heavy work.
    2. Do not use tools for purposes for which they were not designed. 
        For example, do not use manually- operated circular saws for cutting branches of firewood.
  • Wear suitable working clothing.
    1. Do not wear loose clothing or jewellery, they can get caught up by moving parts.
    2. When working in the open air we recommend the use of non-slip footwear.
    3. Wear a hair net if you have long hair.
  • Use the protective equipment.
    1. Wear safety glasses.
    2. Wear a breathing mask when caring out dust-generating work.
  • Do not use the cable for purposes for which it was not designed. 
    1. Do not use the cable to pull the plug out of its socket. Protect the cable from heat, oil and sharp edges.
  • Secure the tool.
    1. Used the clamping fixture or a vice to hold the tool tightly. It is thus held more safely than with your hand.
  • Avoid abnormal postures.
    1. Ensure that you are standing safety and always maintain your balance.
  • Take great care of your tools.
    1. Keep the tools sharp and clean so as to be able to work better and safe.
    2. Follow the maintenance instructions and the advice about tool changing. 
    3. Regularly check the tool cable and have it replaced by an authorized specialist if it is damaged.
    4. Regularly check the extension cables and replace them if they are damaged.
    5. Keep handles dry and free from oil and grease.
  • Pull the plug out of the socket:
    1. When the tool is not in use, before maintenance and when changing tools such as the saw blade, drill or killing cutters, always take the plug out of the socket.
  • Do not leave any tool spanners or setting keys in place.
    1. Always make sure that the switch is in the OFF position when you plug the tool into the socket.
  • Extension cables in the open air. 
    1. In the open air always use extension cables which are authorized for the purpose and which are correspondingly marked.
  • Always be attentive. 
    1. Be aware of what you are doing. Carry out your work sensibly.
        Do not use the tool if you are tired.
  • In case of any accident, all witnessed users shall inform promptly the Collaboration Space Officer/Staff.
  • The users may bring their own materials; but the all user-supplied devices and materials shall be approved by the Collaboration Space Services Officer/Staff.

Before entering

  • Long hair must be tied.
  • Watches, necklaces, rings and so on shall be removed. 
  • Safety goggles and gloves must be used when necessary. 
  • Use a mask if necessary.
  • Nothing shall be listened with the headset in the Makerspace for the safety reason
  • In the case of that the user discerns any equipment which is broken or is in an unsafe condition, she/he shall promptly stop it and inform the Makerspace Officer/Staff.
  • The user shall inform any accidents or incidents that may occur to the Makerspace Services Officer/ Staff.
  • In case of that the user witness the unsafely behavior(s) of any user, she/he shall inform the Makerspace Services Officer/ Staff.
  • The Projects and the materials shall be approved by Makerspace Services Officer before use.